Am ever impressed how fast and thick clouds can come into the view ☁️ And equally impressive how fast they can completely disappear as if they were never even there ☀️ !!! It’s like the perfect metaphor for how my crazy mind works - Thanks nature for that teaching yesterday up here in the mountains of Tso Pema 💪🏻🏔 At one point in my life I definitely thought the best thing I could do would be to force and force the clouds in my mind and view to permanently move - didn’t work as they always came back 🤣 shifting the focus on that was definitely a good move - relaxing in the intensity and then from that place then acting has been supportive - it means I can speak up and stand up and simultaneously means I can sit relaxed and quiet in the chaos or beauty - certainly feel everything fully more than ever but just to allow that dynamic wild energy to flow thru helps fuels the sails 🏴‍☠️ can surf the tsunami like waves or feel beaten by them - seems it’s time to get surfing 🏄‍♂️ and also get the support needed to move as easefully and stealth as we can 💎 Life is definitely intense these days but my greatest growth has come from this charged vibe - so May we all be free from suffering and may all ideas of separation dissolve and resolve. Am ever greatful for the teachers and community in my life. Thank you Candice Rinpoche Thank you Venerable Wangdor Rinpoche 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 The support I have received and continue to receive from this Sangha has given me a life of pure blessings and magic 💎💎💎 great gratitude to you all

Posted by CRAIGRNINJA at 2021-07-21 05:46:20 UTC