Before I came across this teaching, I thought that if I want to be happy, I need to have positive thoughts, emotions and experiences. The more positive it is, the better I feel. I lived many years trying to be positive and trying to get rid and avoid my negative thoughts, i felt very busy in myself, so it was really powerful for me to come to a meeting and hear Candice Rinpoche saying that there is nothing that I need to change in my thoughts and emotions. Even if that moment it wasn’t my experience, it was empowering to know that it is possible for me through the practice of short moments. Resting my mind and body for short moments, whenever I remember to do so, that was just so soothing and relaxing to hear. Every short moment I took made it clear to me that I can just relax as I am, I can let my feelings and thoughts be as they are and the more short moments I took, the less I felt the need to change my thoughts and feelings. ❤️ This teaching is just amazing. I took this video few days ago on a hike here in California, it reminded me the beautiful metaphor from this teaching of the flight path of a bird in the sky, leaves no trace. It is always a good reminder to let things be as they are. Thank you Candice Rinpoche 🙏🏼

Posted by Inbal at 2021-04-25 16:03:04 UTC