Hello dear friends Greetings from the Sweden Center! Wanted to share this beautiful share (that was sent out in a newsletter recently) from our dear friend John as I find this so inspiring and just wish for you all to come to the center and be together again! And you can! Spring Gathering in less than 1 month!! Schedule for the Spring Gathering Power of Benefit Training Arrival day: Wednesday April 13th Teaching days: Thursday April 14th until Thursday April 21st Welcome to apply via the button below. "I find such immense benefit in my own practice, in the teachings and sangha, but when I'm at the Sweden Centre, the benefits come alive in a way I just don't experience anywhere else. After such a long time of not being able to be together with other practitioners in this way, it was really quite stunning to be back in the golden heart of the teachings and to gift myself and others that profound warmth of being. Everything naturally fell into place, priorities realigned and subtle niggling afflictions that seemed to have become normal during the pandemic were outshone without effort in the magic of the Mainstays."

Posted by Niketa at 2022-03-16 19:27:59 UTC