Here’s a soothing Sunday read for you. A FREE EBOOK! We are releasing our new Dzogchen books for kids on Amazon this weekend 💓Whilst everything gets synced and ready to order around the world, we are running a free promotion and you can download ‘Rest is Best!’ on Amazon in your marketplace for free today Sunday 14th! ‘Rest is Best!’ is an ode to self love and self compassion birthing compassion for all, written by Ziji Rinpoche. Head to amazon and search for Rest is Best by Ziji Rinpoche. The text is very soothing and definitely not just for children 💓🧘🏽‍♀️💓 ‘I must be kind to myself. Every minute I must be kind to myself. Kind to my body. Kind to my mind. Kind in my words. Rest my body. Rest my words. Rest my mind. So kind! I am very kind to myself. I can even give myself a hug!’

Posted by Celine at 2021-11-14 12:56:31 UTC